BMIX / Diego Ferraro
2 min readAug 17, 2021

The technology is over.
It’s gone.
It’s gone.
How? It’s all we talk about every day!
It’s over.

It’s not an issue for us.
Every day you can do something impossible until yesterday.
Millions of engineers and programmers around the world make it possible.
That’s why technology is over for us.

Is it possible to make my site move to the rhythm of Despacito? Yes, it is.
Can I make the lights in my store turn on every time my National Team scores a goal? It can be done.
Can I reach three million albino curling fans to advertise my ancestral Croatian pottery course? I can.
Can I create a virtual world to demonstrate the power of my new 4x4? Obviously, you can.
Can we make an app for my cooking site that makes you feel the smells of the food? Not yet, but it’s not far off.

There are (almost) no technological limits.
The real work is knowing them, trying them, and knowing how to choose them.

Of course, there are some of these things that are costly in time, knowledge, and effort (hence, in $).
Our job, then, is to know and ponder.

Is it worth it to turn on the lights of your stores when there’s a goal? Will it pay off in terms of impact, sales, etc. for your company? Or will it just make the store owner happy?
What if instead of putting together a virtual reality we make an app that works as a test drive? Or what if we just offer real test drives?

Technology puts everything at our fingertips. The thing is to know which of that “everything” is more useful at this moment, in this situation.

It is simpler.



BMIX / Diego Ferraro

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